How to implement Help Desk and Service Desk in an IT

When making the choice of Help Desk and Service Desk systems, it is necessary to determine accurately the purposes which face an IT division in your company. First of all, it concerns criteria for evaluation of its activities. It is necessary to formulate the purposes, and then to fix and formalize the criteria of their achievement.
1. Convince a management of need of implementation and support of this app
2. Determine the structure of an IT of department
Distribute functional obligations and determine algorithms of work of employees of an IT department. It is required for an understanding of changes in the organization of its work with the implementation of ITSM system.
3. Determine and fix areas of responsibility of an IT department
Determine main objectives of service of technical support of users and develop the IT catalog of services.

4. Determine the criteria of quality

On them, the services and services provided to an IT division will be estimated.

5. Determine an order of implementation of changes

Just before implementation, it is necessary to determine an accurate order of implementation of changes in the work of the companies.

6. Formulate requirements to system

Determine whether support of processes of ITIL for your system will be necessary further. Think of further automation of support service. Determine the parameters of scaling the system which will change with the growth of your requirements.

The most part of works on preparation for implementation needs to be carried out before the choice of system. If to make on the contrary, then further you should adopt the business processes for opportunities of the chosen system. It means that you will be forced to recognize restrictions, but not opportunities that won’t solve your problems, and can aggravate them only.


Processes in Service Desk regulate all difficulties which arise in the work of the IT department.

Incident Management – the process which is responsible for the fast solvation of incidents — defects, damages, critical mistakes requiring response actions. Service Desk registers statistics of incidents and time of their liquidation.

Problem Management – the purpose of this process in the reduction of a number of the incidents arriving in Service Desk. For this purpose, their reasons are established and eliminated.

Change Management – a process which regulates only intelligent changes and coordination of their implementation among all users of business services.

Release Management – a process which lays down a condition not to break a company performance during the accomplishment of any changes. The process of management of releases carries out observation and installation of updated versions of programs and hardware through service Service Desk.

Service Level Management – the process determining the the quantity and structure of the involved employees and also service quality in service Service Desk. With its help, there is a monitoring of the quality level and operations on the decrease in the probability that substandard service can be rendered are performed.